COMPILATION ... Legacy Sampler

produced  Clark Sorley

assisted  Brian Bellini, Gill Brownlie, Craig Steven

recorded-mixed  SonicWorx

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LEG016 ® 2000 - 2012



Your only solution was to stay in bed
Power to the people
The real revolution was in your head
And there was something in the air

Again and again
Let's say it
Again and again
Let's say it right now

Say it for the preacher when he has a dream
Say it for the greater good
Say it for the sinner when he gets extreme
Never say that he never would

Looking for a better way
Need to take a bullet
Need to die to pull it off
Save it for a different day
Say it if you mean when the time is right

The man of the moment
He was taking a drive
Thought he had something to say
Doing it for your country was the way to thrive
The gunman said you lay down and die


Must confess
I'm in excess
Of too many dumb ne're-do-wells
Looking high
Looking low
Might be better with no place to go

It's such a bitch, feeling stitched-up, backed-up, held-down, down-town, ridiculed

Gonna strike out
Gonna psyche out
Need a situation
Need a good time bad enough

Give it to me

Come on to me (rpt)...Good
Join me in my snafu world
Come on to me (rpt)...Good
Save me from the screw-up
Come on to me (rpt)...Good
Take me to a better place
Come on to me (rpt)...Good

So grotesque
No burlesque
Could make a mock-up of the mess I’m in
Did not atone
Must be alone now
For doin’ it dirty going down down down down

I'm so amiss, seeking blissed-out, freaked-out, banged-up, fucked-up hedonism

Gotta ride out
Gotta time out
Need some retribution
Need a bad time good enough

LOST & FOUND (Sorley)

See you underground, the world is upside down
Your pain is real, that's plain enough to see
I've been there and back, I know just where you're at
You need some help, that's good enough for me

Talk about it
Laugh about it
Cry about it
Let it go
They couldn't give a damn about it
But I am here to let you know

I can help you see in the dead of night
I can give you hope when the hope is all gone
I can see us dance in the twilight
We can go round and round and round and round
You could make me sing you a serenade
You could make me fly like a superman can
You can make me run like a renegade
We can be home safe and sound
Lost and found

Time will find a cure, the wounds of love are pure
From dark to light back where you belong
Pleasure into pain, sunshine into rain
Like riders on the storm you’re gonna come out strong

The die is cast
It's in the past
It's best forgotten
Let it go
There's an open road before us
I am here to lead the way

Take the road to compromise
Steal a march to comatose 
Make the most of no surprises
I do depend on you to do the things you do

That don't impress me much
I can’t get through the day that way
Take a trip for sanity
And watch it when the wheels come off

Ooh la la la la
Ooh ooh la la

Nobody freak
Stand on your own two feet now

Pay attention
Watch the clock
Too much detail
Too much talk
Faulty transformation
Gonna lose the plot
Gonna lose the lot

Nobody freak


It's dark in the city
The red lights brought me here
Need to find some place
To settle down

And these thoughts ain’t pretty
As I walk away from here
But I'll be back on my feet again
Some other town

Cause I don't care too much about you baby anyhow
So you can take your troubles off of me
I served my time with you
Now I don't care if I miss you
I'm moving on out as far as I can see

A big city slicker
Well you think you've got it made
But the train moves on
From town to town

This tossing and turning
Ain't worth it over you
Gotta find some way to find
Somebody new

I'm running blind
Things come and go but I don’t mind...


Sitting on the fringe of sorrow, not such a terrible place to be
Sometimes I wish that I could only borrow a few seconds of your company
These recesses are where you lurk between units of speed and dance
And balding long haired men who can only smirk
These guys would kill me given half a chance

Ma Sadie knows I want you
Ma Sadie knows the score
Ma Sadie knows all about how much I need you
Ma Sadie know this is war

My old best friend resides in Germany where he is polishing a turd
Believe only in half of everything you see and nothing of what you heard
Whiskey boys telling each other their story
Angels sit there drinking putting on weight
I pass them all by on my way to glory
I pass them all by on my way to fate

Ma Sadie knows how to please me
Ma Sadie knows how to treat me kind
Ma Sadie knows all about how you dis-ease me
Ma Sadie knows you're always on my mind

Tell my beloved she is one of God’s promises if you're ever doing the lindyhop
Don't know when she'll stop that lawyer being my nemesis
Don't know when the words will come down from the top
On the night we drank heroic quantities of red, Bulgarian I believe
I should have topped it off with sherry and then went to bed
I should have kept that final trick there up my sleeve

Ma Sadie knows how to come from another world
Ma Sadie knows how to hold her own
Ma Sadie knows I want you to be my girl
I wanna call Ma Sadie on the phone
SO OVER (Sorley)

You say good I say bad
Tell you the truth ‘bout the worst that I’ve had
Big time loser made a fool outta me
Now you’re sorry can’t let it be

So over
I’m so over you
Move out move on
We’re history

It’s so over
So get over me
Don’t kid yourself
That’s the way it’s gotta be

You go east I’ll go west
Bury the bad times put ‘em to rest
Too late for penance too late to pay
I got no more to say

Better without you
But there is no doubt you
Still wanna be with me
A face in a crowd
Is all you’re about to be

And there’s nothing you can do about it