I worked with three generations of the Kennedys. Had Colin’s grandfather still been around it might've been four as he was the progenitor of so many fine singers in that family.

The youngest of the clan, Sean, did his first sessions with me. It was clear right away he was a natural. After only a little guitar tutoring with Alan Frew he began writing songs, established himself as a solo artist, and got some recognition. Not bad from a standing start.

This EP has two of his early songs (#2, #4) recorded with guitar and vocal live in the studio. The title track I worked up specially for him. His old man wrote the other one with my arrangement.

SEAN KENNEDY ... Turnaround

Sean Kennedy  vocal, acoustic guitar

Clark Sorley studio instruments

Colin Kennedy  electric guitars #1 #3

produced  Clark Sorley

recorded-mixed  SonicWorx

LEG018 ® 2011



Sometimes up
Most times down
Can't wise up
Till you abdicate the crown

Still caring
Still complaining 'bout the good life gone bad
Big tears welling in your eyes
No surprise

Word on the street
Something’s strange
Can't keep the peace
The landscape is deranged

Stop caring
Stop playing now the blue chips have fallen
Big time change on the horizon

Won’t say no to affliction
Castles in the sky
I heard you shout from the rooftops by and by
You can’t come down from the mountain
Swim in the shallow sea
You want to drink from the fountain
In the higher ground
Better turn around

Start sharing
Start preparing for a new dawn has broken
Old time tricks got nowhere to play