C L A R K  S O R L E Y

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These were wise words for a seventeen-year-old but Allan was wise at seventeen. He led the way toward much of what my life would become. He was gone at twenty-six. 

There's a history in rock of guys who initiate then fade. I'm talking about people like Syd Barrett, Peter Green, Ian Curtis from Joy Division, Richey from the Manics. These unusual young men were embryonic in bands that went on to flourish without them. Yet they each set a tone which long surpassed their own moment.

Allan was our hometown version of same. We were born within days of each other, our mothers met in the maternity ward.

        Sweet White Wine


That’s where the answer lies

That’s the key to this whole life of ours

You gotta stay clear of things you dislike

Live with your loves and your pleasures by your side

That my dear is why I’m here

On a beach with you by a sea

Drinking this sweet white wine

Allan Harper - 1956-82

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