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commentary • 02.06.13                                                      

If you have a talent for sport, if you're gifted artistically or naturally intellectual, if you can perform some impressive feat few others can, then your contribution to the human community might be a cause for celebration. If you’re a woman who is sexually gifted however, whose capacity for eroticism is pronounced, you will be less well thought of. Should you decide to trade on these proclivities you will be treated with suspicion. Worst of all should you offer them for money in an ordinary transaction you will be condemned, at best patronised by those who insist you are being exploited against your will.

I think this is an injustice, one that goes back forever and has resulted in women having to inhibit their desires more than they otherwise might. In order to be sexually “pure” they’ve had to keep their transgressive impulses contained within acceptable parameters. This is a travesty with all kinds of ramifications not least in women’s relationships with men. It also affects their attachments to society and prospects in the world. In such a world female sexuality outside the narrow confines of conformity gets reduced to something immoral. A whole lexicon of language evolves for enforcement. Sluts and whores are branded with negative connotation to degrade women who are overtly carnal.

In my experience sexually accomplished women are relatively rare. It’s hardly surprising given the reputation that goes with it. But when they have such a gift they have it in the manner of a talented artist. I think to possess erotic attributes which manifest in this way is indeed, like artistry, one of nature’s treasures asking to be celebrated. Yet human culture for its own ends, both puritanical and controlling, has succeeded in taking something that might be exalted and rendered it prurient. It’s a sad case and one that’s a long way from being properly addressed.

the degrading of women who are overtly carnal