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with feminism, women might update their attitudes to childbirth



commentary • 07.02.06  

I think that in future women will be less likely to become mothers and therefore less live the life so dictated by their femininity. They will do this in favour of social and society advancement, and who knows, maybe even for intellectual and spiritual pursuit. For this they will have to put aside the biological impulses to procreate just as throughout history men have had to suppress their desire to impregnate many more women than dictated by their instincts. Men have had to do this for the greater good: that of stable relationships, family life and a commitment to society. Yes of course, many males flout this but the majority don't and certainly all do so less often because of the conventional demand for fidelity.

Women don't have the same moral restraint when it comes to having children. It is considered a woman's fundamental right to have a child if she chooses. It is a desire that is to be given absolute licence. I think that needs to be taken issue with. I suggest it is not such an ideal thing not least due to the physical and emotional pressures that ensue from being a mother. Like men, women need to be protected from their impulses by there being a ready set of values which set out why parenthood should be engaged much more cautiously than it is. Parenthood is not a wholly good thing especially when it is done badly which it usually is. When a woman, certainly a married one, expresses her wish to be a mother, it is applauded. Deep sympathy is afforded her if for some reason she is unable to conceive whether that be from infertility or simply can't find the right man.

All this needs a rethink.

I watched a scary documentary last night about a bunch of females and their desperate efforts to get pregnant. They seemed to me people who had lost all sense of identity beyond becoming baby-makers. Relationships, careers, emotional well-being, mental and spiritual health appeared to have gone down the toilet with this lot, all for the sake of fulfilling their "biological destiny". A horrible thing to witness.

In the wake of feminism, women need to update their attitudes to childbirth and challenge the selfish motive that lies behind procreation. There are probably too many people in the world already anyway, many of them a drain on precious resources, many of them taking out more than they put in. There are more good things to contribute than just another human being.