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written 2000 after hearing a bishop being interviewed by Melvyn Bragg


relationships • 12.10.00


This is Spong, an Anglican bishop from the US, summing up his view on marriage and relationship during a discussion programme about the Ten Commandments.

I like what he said...

        “The commandment, taken and interpreted outside its very negative history, says that when two people are partners and they give themselves totally to each other and they love each other more than they love themselves that life is beautiful. To be able to say that I have escaped my self-centredness (which I think is a mark of humanity but not a mark of religion itself - but that’s another debate) and can honestly say that I love my wife more than I love my life and that I would give my life for her, I think that’s a Christ-like statement. It’s what the Christ figure is supposed to say. That you love something more than you love yourself, that you can give yourself away to it. That’s the beauty of a marriage relationship or a committed gay or lesbian relationship. I think that quality of life ought to be celebrated and applauded.”