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C L A R K  S O R L E Y

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Hi, thanks for visiting....

I make music and produce recordings at my studio in Ayrshire, Scotland. If you're interested in working with me please contact. For more about who I am there's Wikipedia or my own remarks.

Otherwise the site hosts a collection of music created over long established years in the business. It's an eclectic mix, mainly material I have either written, arranged, produced, performed or recorded in collaboration with a variety of artists.

Go here to listen to some of my original compositions. Or here for some choice tracks from the archive. Various works are available as digital releases on Legacy.

What I Think is a series of writings on things philosophical, cultural and personal alongside the odd rant about music and the making of it. There's a selection here or some excerpts here.

There are also a few pic galleries of friends, family and assorted cronies. And some scrapbook items with reviews, interviews, publicity material and more. I have a Soundcloud playlist here.

Clark Sorley

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