COMPILATION ... Overtone

produced Larry, Spike, Clark

exec produced Bob Wyper

recorded-mixed  Sirocco

LEG003 ® 1984


No history of the Ayrshire music scene would be complete without a nod to Bob Wyper. Although a performer of some note himself it was his entrepreneurial bent that stood him apart. In a community deeply risk-averse to the arts Bob would throw aside caution and have a go.

In 1984 he put out the Overtone albums, a series of compilation records which were recorded in our studio. Pulling such a thing together in itself was no small feat and was deserving of credit. To do so and produce half decent work was praise-worthy indeed. Even the production on these tracks, with their quasi-demo character, was respectable given each song would have been recorded in little more than a couple of hours.

The selection here was taken from the four Overtone releases and was reflective of a huge talent pool of bands working in Scotland at the time. The entrepreneurial talent was always far thinner on the ground beyond the rare occasion such as with this compilation.  

from a private collection for streaming only