... A Drop In The Ocean

Colin Kennedy  vocals, guitars, studio instruments, songs

Clark Sorley  backing vox, studio instruments, arrangements

Kerry Kennedy, Janine Shilstone  backing vox #10

produced  Sorley & Kennedy

recorded-mixed  SonicWorx

LEG010 ® 2006 - 2010

Colin was a longstanding writing buddy. Going back to the 1980s we produced a ton of stuff together in a variety of musical styles. Although it was the rock singer in him I liked best he was an all-rounder: a prolific lyricist and songwriter, a seasoned performer and an inventive guitarist. His producing chops weren't half bad either.

This album derived from a body of work we made over a four year period. From the alternative to the timeless his songs explored a range of subjects relevant to his experience. If rock 'n' pop existed as a genre designation I could nominate Colin for its champion.

pop-rock (vocal)

ANGEL TREE (Kennedy)

There’s a secret place where I can go to be alone
My refuge from the rights and wrongs that cut you to the bone
So peaceful and serene
A place where dreams of might have beens don’t matter

When I can’t find the answer to
How and where and what to do
The place where I confide in me
Is under the angel tree

Sometimes I feel I’m drifting on the breeze
Just coming and going as I please
So peaceful and serene
A place where dreams of might have beens don’t matter

Good to have a guardian
Deep within the wood
Clear as day
Message understood

Just me and the angel tree


There’s a sacred space
A hallowed place where notions fly
High without judgement or fear or sanction
Where the sound of birdsong sings of spirit and soul
Of gift and grace

In a restful moment I sit in commune
A watchful eye looks on in peace
And this way I am raised to another level
To be unbound again, free again, to face the day


I waited for an answer
Listened for a voice
Search for a reason
But still I have a choice

Lying in the darkness
The days they come and go
I needed you to hear my soul
Pull me from the river's flow

But the voice never came
And the river ran dry
I prayed for an angel
And I swore I wouldn't cry
I fought for survival
And tried to find a way
To understand life's only what you make of it today

You never take for granted
You always have a choice
Look for a reason
Listen to that voice

Does it really matter
Do you really care
You give and take for goodness sake
That's why life is never fair

Time's gonna tell you
Fate's gonna set you down
Hope to the rescue
Praying for that breakthrough
Waiting for your day to come