Louise Gray  vocal

Alan Frew guitars #1 #3 #4

Colin Kennedy  guitar #2

Billy McKillop pedal steel #3

Simone Welsh violin #1

Seonaid Aitken  violin #4

Clark Sorley  songs, studio instruments

produced-arranged  Clark Sorley

assisted  Brian Bellini

recorded-mixed SonicWorx

LEG011 ® 2009

Country music came a long way from the days of the honky-tonk. It evolved into a great crossover explosion making it one of the most popular genres ever.

We weren't doing country here exactly but just twisting in that direction. Louise brought her beautifully textured voice to the task as well as making a worthy contribution to the writing with her lyrics on the track, Lie.

alt-country (vocal)

LOST & FOUND (Sorley)

See you underground, the world is upside down
Your pain is real, that's plain enough to see
I've been there and back, I know just where you're at
You need some help, that's good enough for me

Talk about it
Laugh about it
Cry about it
Let it go
They couldn't give a damn about it
But I am here to let you know

I can help you see in the dead of night
I can give you hope when the hope is all gone
I can see us dance in the twilight
We can go round and round and round and round
You could make me sing you a serenade
You could make me fly like a superman can
You can make me run like a renegade
We can be home safe and sound
Lost and found

Time will find a cure, the wounds of love are pure
From dark to light back where you belong
Pleasure into pain, sunshine into rain
Like riders on the storm you’re gonna come out strong

The die is cast
It's in the past
It's best forgotten
Let it go
There's an open road before us
I am here to lead the way
LIE (Sorley/Gray)

Her hand rests on his shoulder
As he whispers in her ear
He pulls her closer to his chest
And the whole world just disappears

They never turn to notice
I’m watching as they dance
I wished it was me
Who was living out that perfect romance

He will never know the way I feel
He will never understand
Cause I wish I could show him what is real
I should take a chance

But I see the passion
When he looks at her
Deep into her eyes
And I know, I know
My heart will just have to
Lie, La-ah-ah-ie
Lie, La-ah-ah-ie

He tells me that he loves her
He’s never felt like this before
I just wish I was her
But these dreams I must ignore

I know... no matter how hard I try
I know... my heart is gonna have to
Lie, La-ah-ah-ie
Lie, La-ah-ah-ie

Guess I’ll always wonder
If secretly you feel the same
An underlying feeling
Could change the outcome of the game
SO OVER (Sorley)

You say good I say bad
Tell you the truth ‘bout the worst that I’ve had
Big time loser made a fool outta me
Now you’re sorry can’t let it be

So over
I’m so over you
Move out move on
We’re history

It’s so over
So get over me
Don’t kid yourself
That’s the way it’s gotta be

You go east I’ll go west
Bury the bad times put ‘em to rest
Too late for penance too late to pay
I got no more to say

Better without you
But there is no doubt you
Still wanna be with me
A face in a crowd
Is all you’re about to be

And there’s nothing you can do about it