AKKADIA ... Back & Forth

Alice Campbell vocal #1

Elaine Withers vocal #2

Fransisca Balke  vocal #3

Samantha Dee  vocal #4

Andy Walker  guitar #1

Robbie Dale guitar #3

Clark Sorley  studio instruments

produced-arranged  Clark Sorley

recorded-mixed  SonicWorx

The title track on this EP was originally by Supakings and Cuba Gooding. My rewrite converted that record back into a pop song sung by Alice Campbell. It was picked up by Warners then abandoned due to some sample clearance issue. Bah!

The other tracks were passing fancies, no more than opportunities as they presented themselves for me to engage with that ubiquitous genre restyled as EDM. The songs were recorded across a five year period and performed by different vocalists, all of them well capable despite being relatively inexperienced as session singers.

LEG013 ® 2000 - 2005

dance (vocal)