DEBBIE DAVIS ... Delectation

Debbie Davis  vocal

Clark Sorley  studio instruments

Alan Frew guitars #1 #12 #13

Robbie Dale  guitars #3 #9 #11

Al McDonald  banjo #15

John Burgess  clarinet #15

produced-arranged  Clark Sorley

assisted  Brian Bellini, Gill Brownlie

recorded-mixed  SonicWorx

Although jazz is instrumental in essence, there is no shortage of great singers who have helped define its history - from Armstrong of old to Diana Krall in the present. Scotland’s newest contributor to the genre in 2007 was Debbie Davis who with her exquisite voice tone and soulful delivery brings a 70s R&B flavour to a 50s musical style.

Here she sings from the Songbook, some classics alongside lesser known works. She is supported by my piano trio and joined occasionally by guitarists Robbie Dale and Alan Frew whose dexterous work showed that virtuosity was alive and well in Ayrshire at the time.

The additional song, Moonlight, was one of our own.

LEG014 ® 2008 - 2012

jazz (vocal)