MARIA & THE GADFLY ... Playing Dirty

Maria Doherty  vocal

Clark Sorley  songs, studio instruments

produced-arranged  Clark Sorley

assisted Brian Bellini

recorded-mixed  SonicWorx


One often felt pretentious making music that was natively urban-American. But then I was reminded that British musicians had been doing that for decades without apology and I thought why not. Meeting Maria was a why-not moment.

LEG015 ® 2010

r&b (vocal)


Must confess
I'm in excess
Of too many dumb ne're-do-wells
Looking high
Looking low
Might be better with no place to go

It's such a bitch, feeling stitched-up, backed-up, held-down, down-town, ridiculed

Gonna strike out
Gonna psyche out
Need a situation
Need a good time bad enough

Give it to me

Come on to me (rpt)...Good
Join me in my snafu world
Come on to me (rpt)...Good
Save me from the screw-up
Come on to me (rpt)...Good
Take me to a better place
Come on to me (rpt)...Good

So grotesque
No burlesque
Could make a mock-up of the mess I’m in
Did not atone
Must be alone now
For doin’ it dirty going down down down down

I'm so amiss, seeking blissed-out, freaked-out, banged-up, fucked-up hedonism

Gotta ride out
Gotta time out
Need some retribution
Need a bad time good enough


You kept saying that you’d stick around
You kept saying you’d be honour bound
Now I’m not saying that it’s wrong or right
But how come the change of heart overnight
Overnight... Overnight

Holed up or hanging out I’m feeling low
Trying to find a reason and a way to go
Can’t think clearly and I can’t decide
Can’t decide... Can’t decide

First I’m thinking that I wanna leave
Then I wanna stay, wanna leave again
Feel distinctly this ain’t good for me
I’m hurting hurting hurting oh so certain...

You’re the badstuff, just the wrong guy
Ain’t the right time to try to fly high
Don’t wanna be a pit-stop, ain’t no roll-over baby
Gonna shed a skin, gonna start it all over again

Seek satisfaction from a TV show
Looking for adventure and a Romeo
Can’t get closure so I fantasise I fantasise... fantasise

Don’t expect me to get on my knees
I’m hard to know, I’m hard to please
Feel distinctly this ain’t good for me
I’m hurtin’ hurtin’ hurtin’ oh so certain...


I’m not like you
Don’t really like you
What makes you think you’re better than me
Can’t be around you
Could do without you
Making a scene and sighing a sigh

I can see you on the cover of a bad rag
I can see you happy hanging as a fag hag
I can see you getting over what you never had
Sowing the wrong seed
Doing the wrong deed
It’s just a game, praise or blame, it’s all the same to you

Playing dirty
Playing dirty with me (and everybody else)
Playing dirty with me
You think that it’s all about you

Men they aspire
To be your desire
Seems to me they’re on a home run
Picking up on tricks
Getting in a fix
Don’t matter any which way will do

Tell the truth tell the world what you know now
Out of luck time is up you gotta go now
Stay the course play the field like you know how
Walking out the door
Looking out for more
It’s just a game, praise or blame, it’s all the same to you

No two ways about it
I’m sick and tired of your sturm and drang

Bad connection gonna bring a disaffection


Your only solution was to stay in bed
Power to the people
The real revolution was in your head
And there was something in the air

Again and again
Let's say it
Again and again
Let's say it right now

Say it for the preacher when he has a dream
Say it for the greater good
Say it for the sinner when he gets extreme
Never say that he never would

Looking for a better way
Need to take a bullet
Need to die to pull it off
Save it for a different day
Say it if you mean when the time is right

The man of the moment
He was taking a drive
Thought he had something to say
Doing it for your country was the way to thrive
The gunman said you lay down and die