Alan was a well respected presence around the studio for a few years. A top drawer session guy he added high value and colour to everything he played on. His truer identity may have been in singer-songwriting and this EP has four examples of his good work.

He was open to me doing arrangements and the first three songs here were the result. The final track, Go Easy, is a solo piece and a brilliant showing of Alan’s virtuosity. Like John Mayer, his guitar chops stand alone. Add compositional talent and performance and he is an artist of distinction.

ALAN FREW ... Running Blind

Alan Frew  songs, vocals, guitars

Clark Sorley  studio instruments

Mark Rafferty  guitar #1

John-Paul Baxter  drums #2

Jill Jackson  vocal, backing vox #1

Maryann Frew  backing vox #3

Cathy Storey  backing vox # 2

produced  Clark Sorley

assisted  Brian Bellini

recorded-mixed  SonicWorx

LEG017 ® 2009

semi-acoustic (vocal)


It's dark in the city
The red lights brought me here
Need to find some place
To settle down

And these thoughts ain’t pretty
As I walk away from here
But I'll be back on my feet again
Some other town

Cause I don't care too much about you baby anyhow
So you can take your troubles off of me
I served my time with you
Now I don't care if I miss you
I'm moving on out as far as I can see

A big city slicker
Well you think you've got it made
But the train moves on
From town to town

This tossing and turning
Ain't worth it over you
Gotta find some way to find
Somebody new

I'm running blind
Things come and go but I don’t mind...


Late again
Can nothing go to plan
By now you’d think we know what it’s like

Hearts that bleed
Words I painted red
We don’t have to go there tonight

Stay again
I hope you stay again
Kiss the doubts goodbye
And I can be
Around this loving feeling that you bring
Yeah you make the mountain sing

The thoughts you hide
Like rivers deep and wide
Countless roads that get from here to you

But now you’re here
To take away those fears
We had something more than we knew