I liked people who could hit the ball - i.e. musicians who could really play and singers who could really sing. Hearing Elisa deliver only a couple of lines it was clear she could knock it out the park. Remarkably she had never recorded before and never worked on original music yet took to both with serious aplomb.

Thus emerged Ellison Belle, created over a few months in 2014. We worked together little more than an hour a week, then Robbie came in at the end and did some guitar parts courtesy of our vintage osmosis. Later George added a couple of fresh arrangement ideas. More big hitting for sure.

ELLISON BELLE ... Rocks & Rain

Elisa Mack  vocal

Robbie Dale  guitar #1 #3

George Cowan  guitar, additional arr #2 #4

Clark Sorley songs, studio instruments

produced  Clark Sorley

recorded-mixed  SonicWorx

LEG022 ® 2014

semi-acoustic (vocal)