Spending my time chasing Amy

Spending my time in reverie

Spending my time chasing Amy

But Amy is never chasing me

All in my head I sometimes get her

All in my head I sometimes do

All in my head sometimes I make her smile

But only in my head is it true

And I remember driving through Los Angeles with you

I remember every wrong move, I remember every right move too

I remember singing dance to the nightingale tune

I remember what the fortune teller said

I remember you crying in the bath of the hotel room

I remember when you conceived in the bed

I remember you

I'm sick of all these coincidental sightings

I'm sick of this consequential curse

I was eating in a cafe in London

I look out the window to see who's visage but hers

Every time I see her my heart rate goes haywire

I wish the earth would just open up and swallow me whole

She wrote a song called "Living Room Blues"

Inspired by a picture above our electric fire

And my songs once were enough to warm her soul

So I'm spending my time chasing Amy

Spending my time imagining her

I thought I seen her at a train stop on the west coast

I went to catch her but it was a lookalike it wasn't her

And I remember stopping on a lay-by and climbing over the hill

And you remember every time I ever cheated

And I know you probably always will

I remember double jeopardy in Arnold Stiefel’s bed

I remember that he never liked my hat

I remember how your face looked when your lips were painted red

I remember I remember much more than that

I remember you