My buddy walked past the phone booth

With only one thought in his head

Pick up the receiver and call up his dealer

For a bag of Afghanistan's best

He fought he urge for about four weeks

Then finally he gave in

He looked out his needle and he cooked up his stuff

And he indulged in his favourite sin


Goodbye buddy goodbye

I remember you best singin’ songs so sad

They make a stone heart burst and cry

And now that you're gone I wrote down this song

To remember your name by

Please don't let them forget the reason you're dead

Let them always remember why


When Sammy sang and played guitar

He used to stomp both his feet

Bobbin’ his head and shakin’ his legs

As his heart got a hold of the beat

He was a jokerman he was a fisherman

What a life his is to lose

His little girl lost her Daddy 'cause he couldn't lose a habit

'Cause he picked up and decided to use