See you underground

The world is upside down

Your pain is real

That's plain enough to see

I've been there and back

I know just where you're at

You need some help

That's good enough for me


Talk about it

Laugh about it

Cry about it

Let it go

They couldn't give a damn about it

But I am here to let you know


I can help you see in the dead of night

I can give you hope when the hope is all gone

I can see us dance in the twilight 

We can go round and round and round and round

You could make me sing you a serenade

You could make me fly like a superman can

You can make me run like a renegade

We can be home safe and sound

Lost and found


Time will find a cure

The wounds of love are pure

From dark to light back where you belong

Pleasure into pain

Sunshine into rain

Like riders on the storm

You’re gonna come out strong


The die is cast

It's in the past

It's best forgotten

Let it go

There's an open road before us

I am here to lead the way