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Debbie submitted "Where Have You Been" to the Scottish Jazz Awards and got runner-up in Best Vocalist. It was a nice achievement for her being relatively new to the game. It was nice for me too as I produced the track as well as having initially encouraged Debbie in the jazz direction she’s been taking. I’m not used to accolades now so even an indirect one like that is a welcome thing.

It was Carol Kidd who presented the award in the category and who herself won Best CD. Being the veteran she is, that was no doubt well deserved. It's thirty years ago since I recorded Carol's first album so I'm something of a vet myself. Spring Can Really Hang You Up was on that record and it became a life-long favourite of mine. It was the first song I arranged for Debbie when we started working together. Interesting these little connections.

        Where Have You Been

performed: Debbie Davis

produced-arranged: CS (2009)

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