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By the late 1990s the record business was booming bigger than ever. I’d had enough of my alternative notions, the radical ones that bore no fruit. Time to join the party perhaps and make some music for money. With business backing we set out to do just that and formed Rainmaker-Sonic. These three songs are from the pool of recorded material. It was an attempt at being derivative and came to nothing.

The timing didn't help. Napster had caught on and Apple’s itunes/ipod phenomenon was just around the corner. The processes of commercial music were about to be radically altered.  Soon enough the record labels and I would for once have something in common: the fight for survival.

3-track edit

performed: Rosie | Alice | Carmen

produced: CS (2000)

Archive Recordings

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Thanks are due to Scott of SRG Entertainment for helping bring these initiatives to life.

Also to Douglas and Iain for financing.