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I liked George Watt immediately he walked into the studio for the first time in 1982. In his band The Blues Legends were characters like Rollin' Joe and The Reverend Doherty, guys who really seemed rooted in another place. Their commitment to the art was sufficient to haul an acoustic piano up a flight of stairs for the session. Listen to it on No One Wants To Hear My Blues.

We made a good few recordings over subsequent years including some tracks with the late, great Jimmy Dewar ex of the Robin Trower band. I was also privileged to produce George's first album release in 1989. Listening to it again after such a while it's a stellar piece of work. It was called The Alleged Album and the two songs on this tribute are from it. They are all the more valuable now as Big George, something of a local legend no less, died in 2013.

      Wrong Side Of Town

performed: Big George & The Business

produced: CS (1989)

     Long Black Train

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