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If it turned out there was an afterlife where you could meet the old souls I would choose to meet Robert Burns. Like many Scots, I have great affection for the bard and revere his genius.

I wrote Different Class in tribute to him for the Celtic Skin album which was a compilation of tracks done with Colin where we merged our rock sensibilities with traditional Scottish material. In this version of the song I sang the verses which, set against Colin’s enormous vocal power, was taking liberties to say the least.

The enterprise took liberties with the old songs generally. Green Grow The Rashes is invariably done as some kind of lament despite it being a celebration. My arrangement is upbeat. I like to think Robert, brother in the muse, experimental and different as he was, might've approved. Perhaps I'll ask him.

     Different Class

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m y T R A X

       Green Grow The Rashes

    Ae Fond Kiss

performed: Dalriada

produced-arranged: CS (2013+1991+1991)