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I once heard Chic Corea's music described as criminal. That's an indicator of where jazz-rock sits on the credibility spectrum - just a notch above prog and Mr Blobby. Those involved are now almost expected to apologise and atone for their crimes.

Yet jazz and rock fusions represent a great adventure in musical swordsman-ship. They are in a long tradition of virtuosity from Paganini to Hendrix. Pompous and indulgent maybe, but that's forgivable and a virtual requirement for great artistry. You can bet that further down the line some kids will rediscover the fusion-istas and put them back on the map.

Kevin on keyboards was joined on these sessions here by Nigel Clark on guitar and John O'Neil* on drums. Cheers, guys. Hope you don’t feel remotely apologetic. 


performed: Kevin Fitzsimmons et al

recorded: CS (1980)

Solar Music 1

Solar Music 2

Archive Recordings

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