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In my time I've worked in just about every musical genre. Most of them I get a feel for sooner or later. Ironically one I don't get, and the one most associated with my cultural background, is pipe-band music. The music is fine to record, loud, very loud, and powerful, but I'm indifferent to it emotionally. I need it peppered with other things for it to suit the palate. 

The peppering on this track I did with one of the Kirkliston Band's drummers. It was concocted as an intro to their otherwise conventional Jacobite album. It's different and tries to capture Charles Stuart's arrival in Scotland prior to all the bother he caused. I've nothing against the Jacobites. As with the pipes I'm indifferent and agree with Burns: "adore the rising sun, and leave a man alone to his fate".


  The King Has landed

performed: Kirkliston Pipe Band

produced: CS (1995)

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