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The only picture I found of Andy Park online tagged him the boss. He was all that as programme controller at the radio station where I went to work in 1979. He was also an accomplished jazz musician, composer and arranger.

The four pieces here, edited into a six-minute medley, are his arrangements. They’re taken from an album we made for the station’s library music series. The players on the session included some of London’s finest: Dave Hancock (flugel), Henry Lowther (trumpet) and Dill Katz (bass), alongside a few from Glasgow's equally capable contingent: Dave Pringle (keys), Duncan Findlay (guitar) and Jay Craig (sax).

Andy himself was an inspired executive, held in high regard by many of us who prospered under his captaincy. He was a true linchpin, an innovator, a person rich in ideas who went from art teacher to broadcasting chief, always creative, forever networking. I suspect he would’ve been happiest as a music-man, maybe the writer of movie soundtracks in the fashion of Quincy or Grusin. These recordings nod more than a little in that direction.

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4-Piece Edit

arranged: Andy Park

produced: Bob McDowall

recorded: CS (1982)