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From first becoming musically aware in the early 1960s I'd always loved the Motown records. Later we'd learn about the guys in the backroom: producer types like Holland & Dozier and Norman Whitfield alongside players like James Jamerson (bass), Benny Benjamin (drums) and Earl Van-Dyke (keys).  The list was long, not household names exactly, but gifted artists nevertheless, masters of the studio process. The arrangement style of my song here is borrowed from their genius.

The counter-culture and its demise was the subject matter in the lyrics of Roll On. I came of age looking to live in accordance with something alternative and the hippies were all of that. They were quasi-religious and some took it more to heart than others. Even with disillusioning inevitable I still retained a wistful attachment to the faith and innocence experienced at a time when everything was still to play for. As such the song is a testament to the romance of youth as well as pointing to my generation's rejection of spiritual possibilities for materialism and conformity.

Roll On

performed: CS w/ Nicola G

produced-arranged: CS (2017)