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In The Fabulous Baker Boys when Susie Diamond reaches across the piano to take a drag on Jack Baker's cigarette she utters a single word... "Nice". She isn't referring to the fag but to the improvised piece he's musing over on the hotel's Steinway, dog at his foot, whisky bottle to hand.

I loved that little bit of music but unable to find it anywhere performed it myself. Of course my effort is no match for the mighty Dave Grusin whose playing Jeff Bridges was miming to, but it's good enough for jazz.

The film is famous for Michelle Pfeiffer's slinky moves atop the big piano but it was that subtler moment in the empty room which caught my imagination, dressed down and unglamorous, sexier and infinitely more romantic.

Archive Recordings

m y T R A X

Susie & Jack

composed: Dave Grusin

performed: CS (2013)