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Comparing the early AC/DC recordings done with Vanda & Young in Australia to the later ones with Mutt Lange, there’s a distinct difference. It‘s less about production and more about audio processing; it’s the difference between 1970s and 1980s technology which in the history of studio consoles is a lot.

To extend the analogy: when we recorded The Penetrations the equipment we were using was more like 1960 - i.e. old tech and not really equal to the task. Capturing the heavily overdriven guitars of rock with studio gear more suited to Elvis was a trial indeed.

Still, we made a reasonable stab at it with what we had. And of course it’s the music that counts before sonic sophistication. They were a damn good band The Penets with a potential star in singer Geordie Wilson. A simple twist in circumstance (like leaving Scotland for Australia!) and they could’ve given AC/DC a run for their money.

     Coming To You

performed: The Penetrations

produced: CS (1980)

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