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A reviewer of The Laughing Apple EP (other post) liked its primitive sound. What would he have thought of Ha Ha Funny Polis from around the same time which makes McGee's band sound positively polished?

Punk wasn't exactly our thing. So when we played host to a spate of new-wavers, so called, it was something of a baptism of fire. Defiant Pose were one of four Paisley bands who over a day crammed themselves into our tiny studio - and their mates - to make an EP. Despite the angry statements, space issues and altered consciousness these guys were a breeze to work with. Credit to Joe McGlynn for pulling the thing together.  

I'm curious about the "Ha-Ha" thing on both these releases. Was punk just having a laugh then? 'Course it was.


performed: Defiant Pose

recorded: CS (1980)

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