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It's 1959 and I picture Joan (Madmen) skirting down Madison on her way to Sardi’s. She's turning every head and Steve Allen's brilliant song is playing. It captures her.

Less romantically I see myself at 23 in 1970s Glasgow having just started work in the music department of a city broadcaster. My head is being turned by the phenomenal power of a big band as I get to mix a Danny Street album performed by some of the UK's top-drawer session guys.

This radio job would provide me with the perfect professional grounding, the start of something big indeed. Cheers to Bob and Andy for taking me on. The recording’s a bit rough-sounding being from a dodgy old cassette but the spirit’s still there.

And how good was Danny Street?

     This Must Be The

     Start of Something

performed: Danny Street

produced: Bob McDowall

mixed: CS (1979)

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