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When I sold my studio in 1989 the new owners inherited a six-figure-sum asset housed in a building designed for the purpose. That purpose was music-making of course and it had taken twelve years hard labour to get there. At that time a multi-track tape recorder alone cost as much as a house.

A few years on, £50k worth of audio quality could be had for less than £1k. Thus, in a far more spartan setting, I took possession of a Soundcraft Spirit console bought for a pittance. The first production done using it was my arrangement here of Fjaere’s song. It was recorded in a sitting room.

In the early days you could easily tell the difference between work done in a full-spec facility compared to a budget environment. No longer. Big studios like our old place are all but gone now and that's the reason.

      Ghost Of A Chance

performed: Fjaere Nilssen

produced-arranged: CS (1993)

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