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In aptitude and attitude I found musicians from the Academy good to work with. They were usually well accomplished and as apprentice professionals could take in their stride the difficult skills of being directed.

Pure Glass was an Academy band though not exclusively. Four friends from my stable, under-graduates not, stand out on this recording. Robbie and Henry's guitar and bass parts form the spine of the track while Mary and Danusia, talented artists in their own right, provide the backing vocals. I was reminded then, should it have been necessary, that pop music is often the constituency of the untutored.

Later the joke genre “yacht rock” became an affectionate satire for some of the West Coast music from around 1975-85. It included the likes of Hall & Oates, Steely Dan, The Doobie Brothers, Christopher Cross and Toto alongside a crew of topflight studio players. George Benson and Michael Jackson were lumped in too, even Joni Mitchell. Pure Glass with their immaculate musicianship and soulful leanings would’ve been worthy candidates.

      Run With The Wind

performed: Pure Glass

produced: CS (1986)

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