C L A R K  S O R L E Y

•   m u s i c   r e c o r d i n g s   •


Humans are pretty stupid. It took them tens of thousands of years to learn how to plough a field. They took another ten thousand to come up with democracy. There are the occasional clever ones who contribute a really useful thing. Chief among them would be the Einsteins and the Newtons who see behind appearances and understand that things are not what they seem. They show that reality is invariably something that requires intensive examination.

Einstein and Newton came up with elegant conclusions to complex questions. Most importantly what they came up with worked. It fed itself back into the practices of humanity and made a difference. That difference was not always benevolent. Einstein’s relativity contributed directly to nuclear weapons, Newton’s physics to the squalor of the Industrial Revolution. When the stupid humans get hold of the tech they often reduce the genius of its creators to something far less worthy. The malevolence of the snake-brain knows no respect for morality, subtlety or insight.

creative genius is too often converted to something far less worthy



commentary • 25.02.09