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sound psychological theories are

not easy to identify let alone implement



commentary • 21.11.04  

Historically the greater problems faced by mankind were about pure material survival i.e. problems of food, shelter, disease, the elements. Additional troubles from emotional and psychological issues would've been present but considered less important.

I think that the challenge of the future, with many of the elemental aspects of life conquered, will be addressing these additional troubles. There will be a pressing need to deal with them because of the damage they do. I'm referring to everything from war to inter-personal disputes, to broken marriages and broken hearts. In other words all the psychological wounds by which people are scarred due to the bad acts of each upon the other.

Finding solutions to the additional troubles is fraught with challenges. Sound psychological theories are needed but they are not easy to identify let alone implement. Bad theory begets bad acts. A bad theory of psychology is just as dangerous as bad religion, capable of all kinds of corruptions and dumb morality, prepared to coerce and reprimand as it sees fit. With a bad theory we are once again distanced from decent values and potentially bounced back into a less enlightened age like the Church society of medieval times.

But maybe, just maybe, good theory is possible together with sound practice, whereby humans can live in an optimum way less subject to the troubles inflicted each to the other. I think that equipped with an enlightened understanding of psychological make-up such an outcome is conceivable.