C L A R K  S O R L E Y

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Somewhere along the way I fell out of love with classical music. It seems strange given my love for virtually all the other music kinds has only grown with years. It’s strange too given I was such an enthusiast for classical at an early age. By eight years old, alongside The Beatles and a plethora of pop, I was identifying Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin and Rossini as favourite composers.

I think the disgruntlement might come from classical music’s attitude. It seems to be too much pervaded by snobbery. All music comes with snobbery attached of course, with the belief that this is better than that. Actually, this being better than that is almost a base condition for how the narrative around appreciation in general is conducted. It’s a silly discourse I think and would be better approached treating appreciation as something to be cultivated and attained, less about making an essentialist argument over what is good. I elaborated on this in The Lefsetz Fallacy.

all music comes with snobbery attached



music • 14.11.17