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the need for improved "trans-sexual" aspects



relationships • 02.11.06

Someone said that men are simple they just need a biscuit and a blow job! I appreciate the comedic wisdom. Male sexuality appears less complex than female. A sexy woman will be attractive to most men. Like dog to bone they will be pulled in some way.

For a woman, that she is being appreciated mainly for her femininity might diminish the value of her attractiveness in her own eyes. Her drives are more complex, the physical attraction to the male being partial, sometimes very partial. Her sexuality is made up of a variety of other elements, significantly that her identity in the world is tied up with her relationship to the man and to family life. Hence there are women who feel minimal sexual attraction to their men and yet still remain deeply wedded to them. Add the biological imperative of child-rearing and the deal is sealed.

I notice that men and women don't have great understanding each of the other sexually. They too easily assume that their counterpart feels something similar to what they do. I think this is rarely true. I think the best relationships are when the "trans-sexual" aspects are better understood and even shared to some extent. By that I mean that the man has a feel for the feminine and the woman for the masculine. This is what Jung was on about with his concepts of the anima and animus.

Some degree of reciprocity however it manifests is a good thing. Our present culture is so philosophically bereft that such insights are lost. Thus, relationships between men and women continue to be played out poorly.